How we work

We are a team of independent Commercial & General insurance brokers with access to a wide range of specialist insurers including Lloyd's of London and Hiscox. We are committed to providing all our clients, both business and personal, with the correct level of insurance protection and to offer an outstanding level of service.

We work closely with our business owners, as this enables us to properly investigate all of the risks that they might face in their business today. Our approach is always to get to know you and to thoroughly understand your business. Only then can we help to safeguard you by giving you appropriate professional advice, and recommending insurance policies that fully protect both the business and its directors. We achieve this by ensuring that we only recommend policies that provide the correct level of cover for the risks that you face.

We offer the same level of service to our non business customers who are looking for sound advice, and appropriate levels insurance cover.

The insurance market is complex and continually changing. Our team of expert consultants and advisers are kept up to date with these developments through a mix of in-house, and external training and continuous professional development. This enable us to offer very specific advice, relative to to your own personal insurance needs.

Our core company objectives are therefore:-

  • To work in partnership with our clients
  • To deliver a exceptional service
  • To exceed our clients' expectations
  • To provide properly researched insurance solutions
  • To act with complete integrity
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Phase 1 - Discovery. It's about you and/or your business

Firstly, we do not operate a call centre. We you call us (or we call you) we will spend time in adequately assessing your insurance needs. As required, we will come and meet you to have a discovery meeting at our cost, and to discuss your personal and/or circumstances and those risks and exposures that need to be dealt with. 

Phase 2 - Analysis & Research

Following on from our discovery conversations and meetings etc., we will research the market, and identify those insurers who might offer the most appropriate solutions and producs to meet your needs.

Phase 3 - Proposals

Having completed our research etc., will will provide you witha detailed proposal.

Phase 4 - Implementation

Once you are happy...........

Phase 5 - Review and Renewal